Meditation to Glimpse What You Really Want


When you think of all the things you want, your list could be thousands of items long. When you feel what you want, you’re more likely to have only a few things that really matter to you.

This simple meditation can be used to quickly cut through the confusion and can also help you go to sleep, especially if you do a lot of thinking in bed.

Meditation to see what your heart wants, quickly.

      • Close your eyes.
      • Start thinking about all the things you want, listing as many as you can in about 15 seconds.
      • Finish your list.
      • Now be aware of the position of your eyes. Most likely your eyes and your energy will be cast upwards. We often look upward when we are thinking and a lot of our energy is in our head.
      • Now let go of your list.
      • With your eyes closed, take a few gentle, deep breaths.
      • As you exhale, cast your eyes downward to the tip of your nose.
      • Keep your eyes in this position and take another deep breath.
      • As you exhale, draw an imaginary line from your nose tip to your heart.
      • Keep your mind’s eye looking at your heart, and keep your awareness on your breath.
      • Your eyes are closed, relaxed and looking into your heart.
      • Ask yourself – what does my heart want?
      • … when nothing else matters, except for my heart?
      • … and without justification.
      • What do I really want?

Both your head and your heart are involved in knowing what you want, but your heart has a certain way of cutting through the clutter. This is a simple exercise that can help with your everyday decisions. Think things through logically but don’t forget to check-in with your heart. That way you’ll make appropriate decisions that feel right for you.

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