The human psyche possesses our most significant light and gravest darkness; our talents, potentials, fears, and repressions.

When we are unaware of the stirrings of our psyche, we feel powerless, joyless, and alienated from the meaning and purpose of our lives.

When connected with these treasures, we feel energized and inspired to move forward. Most importantly, we gain insights into darkness and then we can work to minimize its effects.

Big Shakti

“My dream uncovered a 30-year-old family secret. If not for these discoveries, I’d still be erupting angrily if someone didn’t pay attention to my needs.”

Author, Australia

Big Shakti

“I just ‘stumbled’ across your article from an online search, and all I can say is WOW. I love the framework around passion, purpose and life purpose.”

Big Shakti

“It feels good to be back in my body after losing myself to technology. Decoding my recurring dreams and your deep care got me there.”

Dreamwork Sessions

The aim of my dreamwork sessions is to bring you into a powerful connection with yourself.

Dreamwork is alchemy. It is both internally and externally transformative.

All dreams, no matter how short or seemingly absurd, have a message about your physical, emotional, psychological, or spiritual well-being.

In ancient times, dreams were thought of as omens and I believe this is true for modern times.


What happens in a Dreamwork Session?

Dream sessions work with either a night dream or a daydream that has significance for you.

A dreamwork session is a journey into your psyche to obtain the healing elixir your dream has for you.

Together, we explore your dream’s emotions, images, symbols, and junctures, and follow the threads that naturally weave back into your daily life.

As you tell me your dream, we delve into the feelings from multiple perspectives, from the feelings in your body to the spontaneous thoughts and memories that are triggered by the process.

Often we discover feelings that were buried in childhood and have since caused lifelong tension or problems.

Eventually, we touch the dream’s truth and wisdom – the elixir. Then we gently bring it to your awareness.

Benefits of a Dreamwork Session

In dreamwork you will:

  • Discover the link between your unconscious and your emotions.
  • Receive healing messages from your subconscious through feeling and intuition.
  • Tap your hidden desires and talents through imagery, symbols, and feelings.
  • Explore your shadow traits that drive destructive patterns.
  • Learn how to ground your imagination for powerful expression and action.

The dreamwork session ends with a meditation that distills the important elements of the dream. This is for you to practice in your own time in order to continue the healing process.



Dreamwork Session Enquiry

Sessions are conducted over Zoom, Telephone, or Face-to-Face in Sydney.

Duration: 60 minutes

Fee: US$145.00  / AU$190.00

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