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The overall aim of mentoring is to rekindle your deep purpose and your personal power.
I focus on purpose and power because of their cut-through effect in re-orientating and transforming problems, emotional blockages and challenges. 

With these two allies, you begin to feel a sense of validation and meaning, which helps you to create an appropriate and fulfilling direction for your life.

In mentoring, we unravel the knots of karma; indecisions, fear, and insecurity. 

We create a safe place for you to identify your most important desires and discover what will bind you to seek them sooner rather than later (or never).

Big Shakti

“I just ‘stumbled’ across your article from an online search, and all I can say is WOW. I love the framework around passion, purpose and life purpose.”

Big Shakti

“Jayne was my absolute rock in a very protracted divorce. When I was drowning in hopelessness, she held a vision for my life and helped me unearth strengths I never knew I had. She is a mistress of the soul.”


Big Shakti

“It feels good to be back in my body after losing myself to technology. Decoding my recurring dreams and your deep care got me there.”

What happens in a Mentoring Session? 

As in dreamwork, in mentoring we are seeking a healing elixir, but our vehicle now is an issue you currently face, e.g., creative weakness, inability to manifest a desire, or to resolve a relationship dilemma.

We explore the issue dynamically through discussion, feelings, memory, and imagery. We also look at whether this is a new problem or an old problem in new clothing.

I look at how your current life; lifestyle, environment, habits, relationships, and occupation align with your nature. I help you find ways to make positive, practical changes to resolve your issue and manifest what you truly want to see happen.

My approach is tender and nurturing, but I am also quite strong and direct.

As you speak, I’m listening to your heart—through your words, your stories, images, and your pauses. I find the threads that open you to joy and meaning. When you are open to transformation, you’ll open the vessel to your healing elixir.

Mentoring sessions may include exercises for you to do in your own time, e.g., writing, reading, creative work, meditation, or ritual.

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Benefits of a Mentoring Session

  • Understand the connection between your beliefs, behaviors, character, and karma.
  • Understand how your problems pave your golden path to healing.
  • Discover the hidden jewels that lie within your energetic blockages.
  • Close the gap between where you now are and where you want to be.
  • Experience personalized exercises to manifest your most important desires.

Jayne Stevenson Healing Sydney

Mentoring Session Enquiry

Sessions are conducted over Zoom, Telephone, or Face-to-Face in Sydney.

Duration: 60 minutes

Fee: US$175 / AU$190

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