I am Jayne Stevenson, a writer and healer from Sydney, Australia.
I devote my life to understanding the psyche and using the best practices that enliven our connection with it.
I believe this connection makes our lives meaningful, synchronistic, and joyful.
My quest began at age 17...

After surviving a near-fatal car accident, I met my mentor, a master healer and a true seer, Professor Lun Wong. I trained with him for 12 years to become a practitioner of Daoist healing, meditation, and martial arts.

His greatest gift was fostering my capacity to see into the heart of others through my heart.

Not long after meeting my mentor, I discovered the works of the psychoanalyst and dream master, Dr. Carl Jung. He frequented my dreams as the embodiment of wisdom and kindness, and directed me to read books that guided my understanding of dreams and the psyche.

My recurring dreams of Carl Jung were medicine for the trauma and the dark moods that had hung over me, post-car accident.

These two spiritual beacons not only helped my healing process, but they also initiated a profound mystical awareness that created my life path. They were, and remain, my guiding stars.

My path was neither easy or direct. Like all of us, I had karma to burn, which included the struggle about my identity, how I fitted into the world, and how to unite all of my loves: healing, dreamwork, and Daoism. 

Big Shakti

“I just ‘stumbled’ across your article from an online search, and all I can say is WOW. I love the framework around passion, purpose and life purpose.”

Big Shakti

“Thanks for the meditation teaching, Jayne. Now I know I can meditate!”

Big Shakti

“It feels good to be back in my body after losing myself to technology. Decoding my recurring dreams and your deep care got me there.”

Other Lives

For one decade, I wrote and directed several films that appeared in international film festivals, art galleries, and television networks. I helped build a multi-million-dollar national ambient media company as the creative and marketing director for another decade.

All along, I kept my inner-work alive, and the desire to develop a vocation in the field of inner work.

It took patience, intentionality, and staying connected to myself and my inner process in whatever way I could before I could have what I truly wanted. I lost my way many times, but always returned.


Finding My Way Home

In 2005, I co-founded BigShakti.com, a yoga-meditation learning platform with my life partner, Dr. Swami Shankardev Saraswati. This initiated a great adventure in blending Eastern knowledge and techniques with Jungian psychology. Since then, thousands of students have trained with us globally.

I created www.jaynestevenson.com as a home for my writing and healing in 2019.

I aim to reignite my clients’ natural talents and intuition, normally lost in the demands of modern living, and to cohere their inner life with their daily lives, so they may discover their personal power, purpose, and prosperity.

I warmly welcome you,